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This learning-from-context study examined the rate at which vocabulary was acquired from the three different modes of reading, reading-while-listening, and listening to the 400-headword graded readers The Elephant Man, One-Way Ticket, and The Witches of Pendle. To determine whether words of different frequency-of-occurrence rates were more likely to be(More)
The effects of consuming zinc-fortified ready-to-eat breakfast cereals were determined in a double-blind controlled study. The 96 healthy young children who participated (mean age 58 months) consumed either zinc-fortified cereal, providing 25% United States Recommended Dietary Allowance per 1 ounce serving (test children) or nonzinc-fortified cereals(More)
In a study of 297 internal fixation operations for fractures or joint injuries performed during 1982, a second operation for implant removal was undertaken in 42% of cases. Significant complications occurred following the second procedure in 19%. Implants which were retained did not give rise to appreciable problems. It is suggested that implants should(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy and safety of physostigmine with benzodiazepines for the treatment of agitation and delirium associated with anticholinergic poisoning. METHODS We conducted a retrospective study of 52 consecutive patients referred to a university hospital toxicology consultation service who were treated with physostigmine,(More)
This study examined the rate at which English vocabulary was acquired from the 3 input modes of reading, reading-while-listening, and listening to stories. It selected 3 sets of 28 words within 4 frequency bands and administered 2 test types immediately after the reading and listening treatments, 1 week later and 3 months later. The results showed that new(More)
Low income diets provide relatively little zinc. This study was designed to evaluate the zinc nutritional states of 74 low income preschool children enrolled in the Denver Head Start Program. Zinc is necessary for normal growth, hence children were selected on the bases of low height percentiles. The mean (+/- SE) hair zinc concentration was 87.0 +/- 5.9(More)
In a recent article, Saccuzzo, Kerr, Marcus, and Brown claimed to have demonstrated that retarded individuals have specific deficits in iconic storage duration and encoding speed. It is argued that problems with the logic and methodology of the Saccuzzo et al. experiment preclude the conclusions that were drawn. The purpose of this comment is to elucidate(More)