Ronaldus Jacobus Meijer

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The Medical Research Council grading system has served through decades for the evaluation of muscle strength and has been recognized as a cardinal feature of daily neurological, rehabilitation and general medicine examination of patients, despite being respectfully criticized due to the unequal width of its response options. No study has systematically(More)
OBJECTIVES To revise the static and dynamic normative values for the two-point discrimination test and to examine its applicability and validity in patients with a polyneuropathy. METHODS Two-point discrimination threshold values were assessed in 427 healthy controls and 99 patients mildly affected by a polyneuropathy. The controls were divided into seven(More)
Since the rise in asthma mortality and morbidity, many guidelines and self-management plans have been published. Many of these guidelines and self-management plans are not, however, based on results of previous studies but on the opinion of experts. We compared the five most frequently cited asthma guidelines concerning treatment steps and self-management(More)
Nitric oxide (NO) can be measured in exhaled air with the single-breath (SB) and tidal-breathing (TB) methods. To allow comparison between different laboratories, a European Respiratory Society task force recently reported guidelines for standardization of both methods. To facilitate comparison between laboratories further, this study investigated whether(More)
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