Ronaldo Guimarães Fonseca

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Video-polygraphic-EEG studies were performed in the first 24 life-hours of 26 healthy full-term newborns without perinatal injuries. The neurological examination and cranial ultrasonography were normal. The newborns were divided into two groups: one, with full-term appropriate--birth weight 11 newborns (control group) and the other with full-term low-birth(More)
The Brazilian Sleep Association brought together specialists in sleep medicine, in order to develop new guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of insomnias. The following subjects were discussed: concepts, clinical and psychosocial evaluations, recommendations for polysomnography, pharmacological treatment, behavioral and cognitive therapy, comorbidities(More)
We report on two patients with a history of chronic exposure to organochlorine insecticides who developed clinical and electromyographic signs and symptoms of chronic motor neuron disease. Measurements of aldrin, lindane and heptachlor confirmed the intoxication. We emphasize the importance of searching for toxic and environmental factors in cases of motor(More)
Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most frequent entrapment neuropathy. In the last decade several papers have been published on epidemiology, clinical aspects, diagnosis, and treatment, but little is known about its natural history. The objective of this work was to study the natural history of CTS syndrome. From 358 patients with clinical and conduction(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the use of quantitative EEG (qEEG) in patients with acute encephalopathies (AEs) and EEG background abnormalities. METHOD Patients were divided into favorable outcome (group A, 43 patients) and an unfavorable outcome (group B, 5 patients). EEGLAB software was used for the qEEG analysis. A graphic of the spectral power from all(More)
The association between hemicrania and autonomic phenomena is the main aspect shared by a group of headaches called trigemino autonomic cephalalgias (TAC's) 1. Their pathophysiology is not entirely known. Trigeminal and intermediary nerves of Wrisburg are involved as well as structures and brainstem connections and posterior hypothalamus 2. Belonging to(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the effects of barbiturate, benzodiazepine and ketamine on flash-evoked potentials (F-VEP) in adult rabbits. A total of 36 animals were studied, 16 after pentobarbital endovenous (EV) infusion, 10 after midazolam EV administration, and 10 after ketamine EV infusion. Pentobarbital induced triphasic F-VEP, first negative(More)
In this work 3 new cases of suprascapular nerve mononeuropathy are described. ENMG diagnosis criteria were: a) normal sensory conduction studies of the ipsolateral ulnar, median and radial nerves; b) bilateral suprascapular nerve latencies with bilateral compound muscle action potential, obtained from the infraspinatus muscle with symmetrical techniques;(More)
This retrospective study describes 14 cases of intercostal nerve mononeuropathy (INM) found in 5,560 electromyography (EMG) exams performed between January 1991 and June 2004 in our University Hospital. Medical charts of all patients with history of thoracic pain and EMG diagnosis of intercostal mononeuropathy were reviewed. INM was detected in 14 patients;(More)
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