Ronaldo F. Nunes

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The influence of uncertain input data on response spectra of dynamic structures is considered. Traditionally, frequency response analyses are based on finite or boundary element models of the objective structure. In the case of the mid-frequency range problem, however, a very fine mesh is required to correctly approximate the frequency response. This is(More)
Brakes are one of the most important safety and performance components in automobiles. Appropriately, ever since the advent of the automobile, the development of brakes has been focused on increasing braking power and reliability. However, the refinement of vehicle acoustics and comfort through improvement in other aspects of vehicle design has dramatically(More)
Physically based characters have not yet received wide adoption in the entertainment industry because control remains both difficult and unreliable. Even with the incorporation of motion capture for reference, which adds believability, characters fail to be convincing in their appearance when the control is not robust. To address these issues, we propose a(More)
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