Ronaldo F Herrera

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No etiological diagnosis was obtained for 35 of 209 patients studied. Mean patient age was 37.7 years and the preferentially affected age range was 20 to 50 years. Laboratory investigation was more extensive among these patients than among patients with a defined diagnosis. An 11:1 ratio was obtained between normal and abnormal laboratory tests. The major(More)
A retrospective study was conducted to identify the syndromic, topographic and etiological diagnoses made for a group of 209 patients with peripheral neuropathies. Anamnesis and clinical-neurological examination were of fundamental importance for the syndromic and topographic diagnoses. Electromyography played an important role, especially with respect to(More)
The present study was undertaken to evaluate the influence of clinical examination and complementary tests on the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathies. Most of the patients (81.8%) were submitted to laboratory tests, 47.4% were submitted to electromyography, and 22.5% to biopsy. A syndromic diagnosis was made in 99.0% of the patients, topographic diagnosis(More)
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