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PURPOSE To evaluate ocular manifestations associated with dengue fever. DESIGN Retrospective case series and literature review. METHODS Clinical records of patients with dengue fever who subsequently had ocular symptoms and signs develop were reviewed. The clinical presentation and ocular complications were evaluated. RESULTS Six patients, 5 females(More)
The surgical management of ectopia lentis presents the ophthalmic surgeon with numerous challenges and options. From the clinical evaluation to the surgical approach, ectopia lentis patients require additional methodologies, techniques, and devices to ensure the best possible outcome. The continued refinement of surgical techniques and adjunctive prosthetic(More)
Two cases of subretinal gas are described. The circumstances in which this complication arose are important in understanding the mechanism by which gas gains access into the subretinal space. Evacuation of subretinal gas by posturing should be avoided as this leads to an increase in the extent of the retinal detachment and its extension anterior to involve(More)