Ronald W. Noel

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Current models of fluent reading often assume that fast and automatic word recognition involves the use of a supraletter feature corresponding to the envelope or shape of the word when it is printed in lowercase. The advantages of mixed case over pure case and of pure lowercase over pure uppercase have often been taken as evidence favoring the word-shape(More)
The successful creation of telepresence and virtual environments requires a change in design paradigm. We must move away from attempts to recreate reality in its entirety toward the creation of environments that are psychologically real for humans, because in fact, reality mediated through display devices is largely subjective. The experiments discussed in(More)
Categorical menu layouts are currently designed according to conventions and opinions, rather than by employing formal techniques. In this paper we describe a formal methodology for categorically organizing menus. We go on to show how color-coding can be applied to these layouts either to emphasize organization or to provide additional information. The(More)
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