Ronald W. Joyner

E. Etienne Verheijck2
David A. Golod2
Habo J. Jongsma2
2E. Etienne Verheijck
2David A. Golod
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The effects of intercellular coupling conductance on the activity of two electrically coupled isolated rabbit sinoatrial nodal cells were investigated. A computer-controlled version of the "coupling clamp" technique was used in which isolated sinoatrial nodal cells, not physically in contact with each other, were electrically coupled at various values of(More)
Spontaneous activity of specific regions (e.g., the Sinoatrial node, SAN) is essential for the normal activation sequence of the heart and also serve as a primary means of modulating cardiac rate by sympathetic tone and circulating catecholamines. The mechanisms of how a small SAN region can electrically drive a much larger atrium, or how a small ectopic(More)
BACKGROUND The early phase of action potential (AP) repolarization is critical to impulse conduction in the heart because it provides current for charging electrically coupled cells. In the present study we tested the impact of heart failure-associated electrical remodeling on AP propagation. METHODS AND RESULTS Subepicardial, midmyocardial, and(More)
The mechanisms of recovery from inactivation of the L-type calcium current (I(Ca)) are not well established, and recovery is affected by many experimental conditions. Little is known about developmental changes of recovery from inactivation of I(Ca). We studied developmental changes of recovery from inactivation in I(Ca) using isolated adult and newborn(More)
  • nald Wilders, Arie O. Verkerk, E. Etienne Verheijck, Antoni C.G. van Ginneken, Rajiv Kumar, B. Wagner +4 others
  • 2001
– In the early nineties, Joyner and coworkers introduced the " coupling clamp " technique in which an isolated cardiac cell can be electrically coupled to either another isolated cardiac cell or to an analog model cell (RC circuit). In brief, an amplifier system does a continuous analog computation of the current that would be flowing between the two cells(More)
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