Ronald Toegl

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Modern communication and computing devices have the potential to increase the efficiency of disaster response. Mobile agents are a decentralized and flexible technology to leverage this potential. While mobile agent platforms suffer from a greater variety of security risks than the classic client-server approach, Trusted Computing is capable of alleviating(More)
IP Telephony is one of the fastest growing technologies. It is based on the TCP/IP protocol suite. However to provide the same services and service qualities like legacy telephony networks, special care has to be taken for the IP network design. The TCP/IP protocol suite is also increasingly used for satellite communications, which offers wide-area(More)
Supporting emergency responders with mobile software agents promise increasing the efficiency of crisis management. While mobile agents offer many advantages, they also pose new challenges to security. However, security is a key prerequisite in crisis situations. A main security requirement is to create an agent execution environment that will not attack(More)
The concept of Trusted Computing (TC) promises a new approach to improve the security of computer systems. The core functionality, based on a hardware component known as Trusted Platform Module (TPM), is integrated into commonly available hardware. Still, only limited software support exists, especially in the context of grid computing. This paper discusses(More)