Ronald Sverdlove

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There is a growing literature on the differential impact of " soft " vs. " hard " information on organizational structure and behavior. Most empirical papers on soft information study the financial intermediation industry. This is one of the few papers that measure the impact of soft information in a different industry. In our empirical analysis, we find(More)
– This short note reviews and details various senses of the word " martingale, " with their respective etymologies, in mathematics, gambling, technology, and vernacular language. An old man, who had spent his life looking for a winning formula (martingale), spent the last days of his life putting it into practice , and his last pennies to see it fail. The(More)
Although color TV is an established technology, there are a number of longstanding problems for which neural networks may be suited. Impulse noise is such a problem, and a modular neural network approach is presented in this paper. The training and analysis was done on conventional computers, while real-time simulations were performed on a massively(More)
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