Ronald Strauss

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine temporal trends in the prevalence of oral manifestations of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). STUDY DESIGN Five hundred seventy HIV-infected adults recruited consecutively were examined by using established presumptive clinical criteria for HIV-associated oral lesions. Prevalence of oral lesions(More)
Increased emphasis on community collaboration indicates the need for consensus regarding the definition of community within public health. This study examined whether members of diverse US communities described community in similar ways. To identify strategies to support community collaboration in HIV vaccine trials, qualitative interviews were conducted(More)
Self-ratings of satisfaction with appearance and accomplishment of psychosocial tasks were examined by age and gender among school aged children with visible defects (cleft lip and/or palate, n = 272), or invisible defects (cleft palate only, n = 159), and dental patients (n = 128) without clefts. Using weighted least squares ANOVA and logistic regressions,(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop scales to measure tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS stigma in a developing world context. METHODS Cross-sectional study of tuberculosis patients in southern Thailand, who were asked to rate their agreement with items measuring TB and HIV/AIDS stigma. Developing the scales involved exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, internal(More)
The results of previous epidemiologic research on the possible association between maternal smoking during pregnancy and risk of oral clefts in offspring have been inconsistent. This may be due in part to methodological limitations, including imprecise measurement of tobacco use, failure to consider etiologic heterogeneity among types of oral clefts, and(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper summarises proceedings of a conference that aimed to evaluate existing measures of oral health related quality of life and to recommend new directions for their use in oral health outcomes research. METHOD A two day conference was held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, in June 1996. Background papers, poster-discussion sessions,(More)
BACKGROUND Although African Americans are disproportionately affected by the AIDS epidemic, they are underrepresented in AIDS research, particularly in AIDS clinical trials. This study examines a multidimensional construct of distrust and other factors that may affect willingness to participate in AIDS research. METHODS A total of 301 African Americans(More)
Previous studies among older adults have demonstrated that oral disease frequently leads to dysfunction, discomfort, and disability. This study aimed to assess variations in the social impact of oral conditions among six strata of people aged 65 years and older: residents of metropolitan Adelaide and rural Mt Gambier, South Australia; residents of(More)
This study examined ratings regarding satisfaction with facial appearance and speech performance from 495 parent-child pairs. Data were obtained from school-aged children (5-18 years old) and their parents using standardized independent interviews. Results revealed that 54 percent of the children with cleft lip (CL) or cleft lip and palate (CLP) were very(More)
This study compares self-concept scores on the Primary Self-Concept Inventory (PSCI) of 58 7-year-old children. The experimental groups included the three following subgroups: those with visible defects (cleft lip), mixed visible and invisible defects (cleft lip and palate), and invisible defects (cleft palate). The control consisted of first grade students(More)