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A History of Interpretation
Russia forms a key element in many interpretations of the Gog prophecy and this is based on the identity of Rosh in Ezekiel 39.1. This article will investigate the term and conduct a short survey ofExpand
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Sibilants and šibbōlet (Judges 12:6)
  • Ronald S. Hendel
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  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental…
  • 1 February 1996
The phonetic problem of the šibbōlet incident in Judges 12 has long defied easy solution. After a consideration of the historical sibilant in question, this article proposes that the evidence fromExpand
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The Exodus in Biblical Memory
ProQuest Information and Learning Foreign Text Omitted... tradition (which is a product of oblivion and memory) -Jorge Luis Borges The exodus from Egypt is a focal point of ancient IsraeliteExpand
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The Text of Genesis 1-11, Textual Studies and Critical Edition
This re-examination of the text of Genesis 1-11 is based on a strongly positive valuation of the Septuagint as a reliable witness to the original Hebrew. This position is contrary to that taken inExpand
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The Oxford Hebrew Bible: Prologue to a New Critical Edition
The Oxford Hebrew Bible project aims to construct a critical edition—featuring a critical text—of each book of the Hebrew Bible. The "Prologue to a New Critical Edition" addresses the rationale andExpand
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Mary Douglas and Anthropological Modernism
Mary Douglas’s scholarship has been described as “a classic expression of British anthropological modernism.” In this essay I explore the significance of her work within the larger intellectualExpand
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The kitchen debate
No, its not Nixon vs. Krushchev. It's two prominent scholars reviewing a new work by an equally prominent colleague-with a reply by the latter.
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