Ronald Ramirez

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Prior research concerning IT business value has established a link between firm-level IT investment and tangible returns like output productivity. Research also suggests that IT is vital to intermediate processes like those that produce intangible output. Among these, IT’s use in innovation and knowledge creation processes are perhaps the most critical to a(More)
Information technology (IT) innovation research examines the organizational and technological factors that determine IT adoption and diffusion, including firm size and scope, technological competency and expected benefits. We extend the literature by focusing on information requirements as a driver of IT innovation adoption and diffusion. Our framework of(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o We extend current research examining synergies between information technology, process redesign, and firm performance in three ways: analyze a firm's entire IT and BPR portfolio, examine production and market value performance implications, and conduct analysis using a unique dataset of 228 firms between 1996 and 1999. We find a(More)
BACKGROUND & AIM The CYP2D6 -1584C>G polymorphism (rs1080985) has been identified as a major factor for CYP2D6 expression and function, with the mutant -1584G promoter type being consistently associated with significantly greater expression than -1584C. It may therefore be associated with ultrarapid metabolism. The objective of the present study was to(More)
P research at the firm level finds information technology (IT) to be a net substitute for both labor and non-IT capital inputs. However, it is unclear whether these results hold, given recent IT innovations and continued price declines. In this study we extend prior research to examine whether these input relationships have evolved over time. First, we(More)
The practice of virtual teams has provided organizations with a convenient solution for gathering experts to collaborate online in order to accomplish organizational tasks. However, the dynamics and characteristics of virtual teams create challenges to effective collaboration. Collaboration is an important element in teamwork, team members need to(More)