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Schutz’s Theory of Relevance: A Phenomenological Critique
I. Introduction.- 1. The Lifeworld and Intersubjectivity.- 2. Typification.- 3. Social Action.- 4. Social Interaction.- 5. Provinces of Meaning.- 6. Relevance.- II. Some Fundamentals ofExpand
Schutz’s Reflections on Relevance
Schutz’s principal attempt to resolve the problem of relevance was not published in his own lifetime and was an unfinished, fragmentary work. Because of this the following section of this study willExpand
The Founding of Relevance
The question of what relevances and relevance systems are has been raised several times so far in the course of this study. Properly conceived, this question should be considered as within theExpand
By the Same Word: Creation and Salvation in Hellenistic Judaism and Early Christianity
This study compares writings from Second Temple Judaism, the New Testament and Gnosticism that adopt the Middle Platonic tri-partite view of reality, with its transcendent One, its cosmologicallyExpand
Richard Zaner on Transcendentality, Eidos and Phantasy
The body of philosophic work produced by Richard Zaner can be divided into two distinct but deeply integrated and inseparable parts. His earlier work focused on core themes in phenomenology, mostlyExpand
Relevance, Science, and the Social Sciences
We now turn to that province of meaning which Schutz called “the World of Scientific Theory.”1 In the following chapter, after first describing the most general features of the province of scientificExpand