Ronald R. Gauch

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Attitudes toward AIDS were measured by a survey of 212 attendees at the annual meeting of the New Jersey Society for Medical Technology. Twenty five percent of the respondents were considering leaving the profession because of a fear of AIDS. In addition, almost half would not have chosen the field knowing they would be handling HIV-positive samples. This(More)
WISC Coding A and Coding B were administered to 50 subjects with minimal brain dysfunction and 75 controls whose ages ranged from 7 yr., 8 mo. and 0 days to 8 yr., 3 mo. and 30 days, with half of each group above 8 and half below. Standard scores showed significant differences between Coding A and Coding B suggesting that the two tasks are not equivalent(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare attitudes and behaviors about acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) of clinical laboratory scientists (CLSs) who are considering leaving the profession with those of CLSs planning to stay in the profession. DESIGN Survey of a convenience sample of conference attendees. SETTING Annual meetings of the New Jersey Society for(More)
To determine the influence of AIDS on the attitudes and behaviors of medical technologists, a survey was taken which shows that one quarter are considering leaving the field. Individuals who plan to stay in the profession are less fearful of AIDS, more satisfied with the policies their organizations have established regarding AIDS, and less willing to(More)
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