Ronald Q. Smith

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  • Swathi Venigella, Wolfgang Bein, Yoohwan Kim, Ronald Smith
  • 2009
Cloud storage is the service provided by some corporations (such as Mozy and Carbonite) to store and backup computer files. We study the problem of allocating memory of servers in a data center based on online requests for storage. Over-the-net data backup has become increasingly easy and cheap due to cloud storage. Given an online sequence of storage(More)
3 A latecomer to the general-purpose, transistor computer market, Sperry Rand first shipped its large-scale Univac 1107 and Univac III computers to customers in the second half of 1962, more than two years later than such key competitors as IBM and Control Data. While this lateness enabled Sperry Rand to produce relatively sophisticated products in the 1107(More)
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