Ronald Phifer

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State-Dependent Learning (SDL) occurs when a response learned in a particular drug state does not transfer to another drug state. SDL was demonstrated and disrupted in a modified T-maze escape learning task, using male hooded rats. SDL groups were trained each day in one drug state (either Librium, 40 mg/kg or sterile water) and then given non-shock test(More)
Histochemical properties and histologic staining characteristics of a variety of procedures are delineated for the three types of adenohypophyseal mucoid cells whose function has been identified by immunostaining methods. Content of glycoprotein hormones may, in part, account for the periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) reactivity in the thyrotropic and gonadotropic(More)
We studied 843 children under 36 months of age enrolled in a prepaid health plan from September 1985 through March 1986, to identify characteristics of day care which might be risk factors for infection and to describe the resulting economic costs. Children cared for in their own home had a mean of 2.03 infections diagnosed during the study period. Adjusted(More)
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