Ronald P Gregoire

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The immunoglobulin content of rectal biopsy tissue and secretions from twelve neonates in whom Hirschsprung's disease was suspected was determined by an organ-culture technique and radioimmunoassay. The immunoreactive IgG content of explanted rectal tissue and its secretions in those six children who proved to have Hirschsprung's disease was much higher(More)
The Bilirubin Hematofluorometer measures albumin-bound bili-rubin (AB) and total blood bilirubin (TB). A risk factor for developing kernicterus is the level of non-AB. The fraction of TB not bound by albumin is defined as TB-AB/TB=ΔB. In two studies we found that ΔB increased during PT. In 23 jaundiced preterm infants, mean ΔB (ΔB) increased during 4 to 24(More)
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