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Two hundred and ten patients with coeliac disease previously reported from this unit were reviewed at the end of 1985 after a further 11 years of follow up. The initial review at the end of 1974 could not demonstrate that a gluten free diet (GFD) prevented these complications, probably because the time on diet was relatively short. The same series has(More)
The natural history of Crohn's disease in 47 patients, 60 years of age or older at the time of diagnosis has been defined, and their clinical management and long term prognosis reviewed. Distal colonic involvement is common in this group while extensive colonic and diffuse small bowel disease is rare. Distal colonic involvement usually carries a good(More)
The microflora of the jejunum, ileum, and colon has been studied from operative samples in Crohn's disease (n = 30), ulcerative colitis (n = 15), and controls (n = 40). There was no significant difference in the flora of patients with ulcerative colitis compared with controls. In Crohn's disease there was a significant increase in E. coli (P less than(More)
In response to new developments in the field, practical teaching experience, and readers' suggestions, the authors of the warmly received Reliablity Evaluation of Engineering Systems have updated and extended the work-providing extended coverage of fault trees and a more complete examination of probability distribution, among other things-without disturbing(More)
A clinical and statistical analysis has been undertaken in a consecutive series of 227 patients with Crohn's disease involving the distal ileum under long-term review between 1944 and 1978. We have determined the long-term prognosis, cumulative reoperation rates after each resection, mortality rates, and their causes. Actuarial analysis has shown that the(More)
The metabolism of [2-14C]+[3', 5', 7, 9-3H] folic acid and [214C]+[3', 5', 7, 9-3H] 10-formylfolate was studied in hospital inpatients. Metabolites detected in the urine after folic acid feeding included the unchanged compound, other folates and a number of breakdown products, such as p-acetamidobenzoyl-L-glutamate and p-acetamidobenzoate. This confirms the(More)
We report a case of bilateral endogenous Escherichia coli endophthalmitis in an insulin-dependent diabetic. This condition appears to occur almost exclusively in diabetics, and is invariably related to a urinary tract infection. Treatment of any infection in diabetics should be aggressive, and any deterioration in vision should be addressed promptly.