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A GLObal Smart Space (GLOSS) provides support for interaction amongst people, artefacts and places while taking account of both context and movement on a global scale. Crucial to the definition of a GLOSS is the provision of a set of location-aware services that detect, convey, store and exploit location information. We use one of these services, hearsay,(More)
Our focus of interest is in the integration of programming languages and database management systems. In particular, the integration of type systems and data models is considered. One tension in this integration occurs when a type system with subtype inheritance is combined with a data model which contains mutable values. A description of some well-known(More)
Traditional database technology may be extended by taking advantage of the facilities of an integrated persistent programming environment. This paper focuses on how such an environment may be used to provide new solutions to a long standing problem in traditional databases, that of schema evolution. A general mechanism is first described, followed by a(More)
Wireless sensor networks are often used by experts in many different fields to gather data pertinent to their work. Although their expertise may not include software engineering, these users are expected to produce low-level software for a concurrent, real-time and resource-constrained computing environment. In this paper, we introduce a component-based(More)
MAKES ANY WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information contained in this report, or that the use of any information, apparatus, process, or composition disclosed in this report may not infringe privately owned rights; or Assumes any liabilities with respect to the use of, or for(More)
The goal of the present study was to compare two common types of isolated working mouse heart models, setting afterload either with (1) a hydrostatic fluid column, or (2) a mechanical resistor. Cardiovascular function in both models was determined by volume- and pressure-loading protocols. During volume loading, both models demonstrated a fixed degree of(More)