Ronald M. Schmidt

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In more than 200 cases of multiple sclerosis, psychosis and cyclothymia, the Hp types are studied with the help of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (Schreyer and Schaible, 1967) and the Gc types wtih agar gel electrophoresis (Schlesinger, Vogt and Prokop, 1963). All Hp and Gc types were found in these diseases, but there was no frequent occurence of any(More)
The meningopolyneuritis first described in 1922 by Garin and Bujadoux develops after a tick bite. At the site of the bite in some of the cases, erythema chronicum migrans develops first. Severe pains follow in this area which may spread to other parts of the body. Then peripheral paralysis appears with asymmetrical distribution. The motor cerebral nerves,(More)
In this work, changes in the cerebrospinal fluid in acute and chronic polyneuritis as well as in the Guillan-Barré-Strohl syndrome are discussed and and it is pointed out that a specific coordination of the inflammatory cerebrospinal fluid syndromes to certain pathogens or noxae cannot be made. For the differentiation of the Guillain-Barré-Strohl syndrome(More)
In our opinion there is no specific germ for multiple sclerosis. The pathogenic process is developed after a clinically "silent" period and results in a demyelinization process. Partially genetical aspects have to take into account for certain disease processes. Up to now both, the theory of infection as well as the neuroallergetic theory are of importance.