Ronald M. Lesperance

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How do we see the motion of objects as well as their shapes? The Gaussian Derivative (GD) spatial model is extended to time to help answer this question. The GD spatio-temporal model requires only two numbers to describe the complete three-dimensional space-time shapes of individual receptive fields in primate visual cortex. These two numbers are the(More)
Receptive fields of simple cells in the primate visual cortex were well fit in the space and time domains by the Gaussian Derivative (GD) model for spatio-temporal vision. All 23 fields in the data sample could be fit by one equation. varying only a single shape number and nine geometric transformation parameters. A difference-of-offset-Gaussians (DOOG)(More)
Herediatary C2-deficiency has been shown to be transmitted asn an autosomal recessive characteristic. Recent evidence indicates that some genetic factors involved in the control of the complement (C) system in both man and mice are governed by genes localized within the major histocompatibility regionmthis study describes a large pedigree of the paternal(More)
Reducing variation in the assembly of a vehicle body is a critical element in improving its quality. Assembly plants have dimensional-management teams, who monitor variation, respond to "variation crises," and continually reduce variation when there are no crises. These teams have, in the past, not kept archival records and have not shared solutions with(More)
The General Motors Variation-Reduction Adviser (VRA) is an experience-management system currently in use in most GM assembly centers. Its purpose is to capture and communicate problem-solving events from various quality-control activities. The most important prerequisite to the success of the VRA project was having a community that was already sharing(More)
The General Motors Variation-Reduction Adviser is a knowledge system built on case-based reasoning principles that is currently in use in a dozen General Motors Assembly Centers. This paper reviews the overall characteristics of the system and then focuses on various AI elements critical to support its deployment to a production system. A key AI enabler is(More)
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