Ronald M. Lees

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The quantum solid para-hydrogen (p-H2) has recently proven useful in matrix isolation spectroscopy. Spectral lines of compounds embedded in this host are unusually narrow, and several species have been reported to rotate in p-H2. We found that a p-H2 matrix inhibits rotation of isolated methanol (CH3OH) but still allows internal rotation about the C-O bond,(More)
Lamb-dip spectroscopy of the C-N stretching band of methylamine has been systematically extended to P-, Q-, and R-branch by using microwave sidebands of a large number of CO2 laser lines as frequency-tunable infrared sources in a sub-Doppler spectrometer. Lamb-dip signals of more than 150 spectral lines have been observed with a resolution of 0.4 MHz and(More)
Studying the energy level structure of di€erent molecules by means of spectroscopy is one of the ®elds in physics and chemistry. In this paper, we describe a knowledge-based system, molecular spectroscopic assignment assistant (MOSAA), which can assist researchers in the assignment of the far-infrared and infrared absorption peaks of the molecules in(More)
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