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When an organization faces new types of collaboration, for example after a company merger, there is a need to integrate the existing software. Important challenges are how to create a realistic vision of a future integrated system, how to make the vision concrete enough to be able to work towards the vision, and of course to carry out the actual integration(More)
• The graduate program. o Assessment:  Working on the assessment plan to include five or so high-level qualities that the program should have, such as research generating new knowledge, in-depth knowledge of one disciple and knowledge of major issues.  One learning objective per program.  Tom and Peter are closely working together on the plan. The(More)
  • R. Land
  • 2004
Information systems are continuously evolved for a very long time. Problems with evolving such systems stem from insufficient or outdated documentation, people no longer being available, different (often old) hardware and software technologies being interconnected, and short-term solutions becoming permanent. Crucial for successful evolution of information(More)
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