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This study investigated retrofitting measures for improving the seismic performance of rectangular columns in existing bridges. Experimental tests were conducted on 0.4-scale column specimens which incorporated details that were selected to represent deficiencies present in older bridges in Washington State. Two unretrofitted specimens were tested to(More)
By reinventing the civil engineering educational system, we will be able to produce the master integrators of tomorrow. In addition to technical skills, we will imbue graduates with technical vision, business principles, marketing savvy, communications skills, leadership and management understanding. At the University of Oklahoma we are embarking on an(More)
This article summarizes the conservatorship provisions of the California Civil Commitment Statute, the Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act and reviews the major findings from previous studies. By studying the hospital records of eighty-five gravely disabled patients affected by LPS, the authors address issues raised by these reports. The results indicate that(More)
In recent years, the expansion in medical research has been accompanied by a growing concern for human rights, and a proliferation of government regulations. These concurrent developments have generated a deepening uneasiness about the future of human experimentation in psychiatry. This troubled state of affairs points out the desirability of a moral(More)
This paper will review some of the theoretical and clinical features of masochism from an eclectic point of view. The topic of masochism has been taken up by authors of many perspectives because it addresses one of the anomalous, absurd, difficult-to-explain aspects of behavior for which no psychological system has an easy answer. Therefore, a wide-ranging(More)
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