Ronald L Niece

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Sixteen single point mutations near the beginning of the lacZ gene have been isolated and their effect on lacZ expression has been measured. Five mutations were obtained that alter a potential stem-and-loop structure in the messenger RNA that masks the initiation codons. Formation of this stem-and-loop is a result of transcription of DNA sequences(More)
In 2007, The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) Survey Committee surveyed the ABRF membership and scientists at-large concerning the current state of funding in service-oriented laboratories. Questions pertained to services offered, cost recovery, capital equipment funding, and future outlook. The web-based survey, available for 3 weeks,(More)
A procollagen C-proteinase was purified about 100-fold from the medium of cultured mouse fibroblasts by a combination of ammonium sulfate precipitation, gel-filtration, and affinity chromatography on a column of Sepharose coupled to the carboxyl propeptide of type I procollagen. The purified enzyme did not exhibit other proteolytic activities, and it(More)
A survey of 40 protein and nucleic acid chemistry facilities has provided data about the capabilities of core facilities and the cost of the services they provide. Approximately 43% of the +158,000 average annual operating budget for a typical university facility is derived from service charges. After correcting for the various degrees of subsidization of(More)
An assessment of the capabilities of biotechnology core facilities requires access to current data on state-of-the-art technologies, personnel, space, services, financial issues, and the demand for such facilities. Data on these topics should be useful to researchers, facility personnel, administrators, and granting agencies.To obtain such data, the(More)
A survey of 124 protein and/or nucleic acid chemistry facilities has provided a basis for estimating the resources needed to establish a facility, the financial support needed to keep it operating, and the technical capabilities it might reasonably be expected to achieve. Based on these data, an average core facility occupied 870 ft2, was staffed by three(More)
A survey of 128 biotechnology core facilities has provided data on the finances, services, space requirements, and personnel. An average facility had four full-time personnel and 7.5 major instrument systems, and occupied 969 sq. ft. Average total income was $244,000/year, but annual user fee income was only $125,000. Typically, facilities required(More)
Six closely linked PRP (proline-rich protein) genes code for salivary PRPs that show frequent length and null polymorphisms. We report assignment of Ps proteins to the PRB1 gene, the derived primary structures of Ps 1 and Ps 2 proteins, and the molecular basis for some null alleles among PRB1-coded PRPs (Ps, PmF, PmS, and Pe). The derived primary structures(More)
Six closely linked PRP (proline-rich protein) genes code for many salivary PRPs that show frequent length and null variants. From determined protein sequences and DNA sequence analysis of variant alleles, we here report the coding and molecular basis for Con (concanavalin A-binding) and Po (parotid "o") protein polymorphisms. The Con1 glycoprotein is(More)
We report the purification and characterization of a novel neuropeptide from Aplysia nervous tissue. The peptide was termed cerebral peptide 2 (CP2) because it was the larger of two peptides predominantly synthesized in the cerebral ganglia and transported to other regions of the central nervous system. The purification of CP2 from extracts of cerebral(More)