Ronald L Musselman

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Microperoxidase-11 has for the first time been successfully immobilized into a mesoporous metal-organic framework (MOF) consisting of nanoscopic cages and it demonstrates superior enzymatic catalysis performances compared to its mesoporous silica counterpart.
To carry out essential life processes, nature has had to evolve heme enzymes capable of synthesizing and manipulating complex molecules. These proteins perform a plethora of chemical reactions utilizing a single iron porphyrin active site embedded within an evolutionarily designed protein pocket. We herein report the first class of metal-organic materials(More)
We have examined the photophysical properties of Zn(II) tetramethylpyridyl porphyrin (ZnT4MPyP) specifically encapsulated within the cubioctahedral cavities of a ZnHKUST metal- organic framework. The encapsulated ZnT4MPyP exhibits a Soret maxima at ∼458 nm that is bathochromically shifted relative to ZnT4PyP in ethanol solution (Soret maxima centered at 440(More)
The X-ray structure of Cs(2)[Ni(CN)(4)].H(2)O and the polarized single-crystal UV absorbance spectra of Cs(2)[Ni(CN)(4)].H(2)O and Cs(2)[Pt(CN)(4)].H(2)O are presented. The two complexes are isostructural, with helical arrangements of M(CN)(4)(2)(-) ions in which there is moderate metal-metal electronic perturbation resulting in a spectral red shift from(More)
We present the first demonstration of red shifting upon nonplanarity in alkylporphyrins using two pure conformations having known structures with identical substituents. The traditional view about the relationship of spectral red shifting to nonplanar deformation in porphyrins has been that the deformation from planar to nonplanar forms is in itself the(More)
Crystal structures of three Ni(CN)(4)(2)(-) salts all with eclipsed ligands and varying axial stacking arrangements are presented. The absorption spectra of all three salts show a slight red shift in the x,y-polarizations and a large red shift in their z-polarizations upon crystallization from solution. Semiempirical ZINDO calculations provide a good model(More)
ZINDO semiempirical calculations on the Ni(CN)(4)(2-) ion were performed, and ground-state energies for all 41 valence-orbital-based MOs and orbital transition components of the two lowest energy fully allowed electronic transitions are reported. Gaussian 94 was used to calculate ground-state energies as a comparison. The ground-state energies using ZINDO(More)
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