Ronald L Krall

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David P. Wilson, Sally M. Blower We agree with the thesis of Rosen et al. [1] that, despite initiatives such as the World Health Organization’s “3 by 5” program, rationing of HIV/AIDS antiretroviral therapy (ART) will be necessary in the majority of African countries. Diffi cult choices will need to be made, and choices will be constrained due to the(More)
Acritical challenge facing the advocates of biotechnology is to fortify the biosafety of genetically engineered organisms. Readers of this journal have seen competing notions on how to achieve biosafety. For some, scientists carry the burden of designing better biosafety through ‘backup safety precautions’1 and ‘molecular gene-containment strategies’2. Some(More)
OBJECTIVES As part of a series of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute-funded large-scale retrospective observational studies on bipolar disorder (BD) treatments and outcomes, we sought the input of patients with BD and their family members to develop research questions. We aimed to identify systemic root causes of patient-reported challenges with(More)
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