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Male rats a 5 wk of age were subjected to 13 wk of intensive treadmill running to study the effect of exercise on adipose tissue cellularity and lipolysis. Untrained controls of the same age remained sedentary in their cages for the duration of the experiment. Adipocyte numbers were similar in eqidiymal fat pads from trained and untrained rats (12.7 plus or(More)
This study was designed to measure the response of key enzymes of ketone body metabolism in heart, skeletal muscle, and liver to diet and exercise, two conditions known to influence ketone body utilization. A 3 (diet: control, high fat, or high carbohydrate) X 2 (kill condition: rested or exhausted) X 2 (training: trained or untrained) factorial design was(More)
Rats were physically trained by treadmill running and fed normal, high fat, or identical diets supplemented with 1.0% D,L-carnitine. Fatty acid oxidation, stimulated by exercise and/or by a high fat diet was studied to determine if it might be further augmented by supplemental dietary carnitine. Fatty acid oxidation in vitro or in vivo was unaffected by(More)
An efficient method for gross-motion simulation of head/neck dynamics in accidents and high acceleration environments is presented. The method uses finite-segment modelling to develop a 3-body model of the head/neck system. The model is shown to compare favorably with an analogous 9-body model and with experimental data. The model is expected to be useful(More)
The purpose of this study was to elucidate the conditions under which children evaluated for sexual abuse should be tested for Chlamydia trachomatis. Children were seen in an outpatient sexual abuse clinic over a nine-month period. Eight patients, ranging from 1.5 to 14.5 years of age, had positive C. trachomatis cultures. The records of these patients were(More)
Results of strength and endurance tests of several screw/rod thoracolumbar spinal implants are presented. The devices tested were: AcroMed ISOLA, CD systems, Depuy systems, and Synergy systems. The AcroMed ISOLA devices had the greatest stiffness and strength. The Synergy and AcroMed systems had the greatest fatigue resistance. The predominant failure mode(More)