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A classical topic in combinatorics is the study of problems of the following type: What are the maximum families F of subsets of a finite set with the property that the intersection of any two sets in the family satisfies some specified condition? Typical restrictions on the intersections F n F of any F and F' in F are: (i) FnF'# 0, where all FEF have k(More)
For a ®xed graph H, the Ramsey number r (H) is de®ned to be the least integer N such that in any 2-coloring of the edges of the complete graph K N , some monochromatic copy of H is always formed. Let r(n, Á) denote the class of graphs H having n vertices and maximum degree at most Á. It was shown by Chvata  l, Ro È dl, Szemere  di, and Trotter that for(More)