Ronald L. Arenson

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Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) are expected to convert film-based radiology into a computer-based digital environment, with associated cost savings and improved physician communication. The digital workstation will be used by physicians to display these "soft-copy" images; however, difficult technical challenges must be met for the(More)
Early picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) were characterized by the use of very expensive hardware devices, cumbersome display stations, duplication of database content, lack of interfaces to other clinical information systems, and immaturity in their understanding of the folder manager concepts and workflow reengineering. They were(More)
A comprehensive data warehouse framework is needed, which encompasses imaging and non-imaging information in supporting disease management and research. The authors propose such a framework, describe general design principles and system architecture, and illustrate a multimodality neuroimaging data warehouse system implemented for clinical epilepsy(More)
A hierarchical storage management (HSM) scheme for cost-effective on-line archival of image data using lossy compression is described. This HSM scheme also provides an off-site tape backup mechanism and disaster recovery. The full-resolution image data are viewed originally for primary diagnosis, then losslessly compressed and sent off site to a tape backup(More)
Current challenges facing picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) center around database design and functionality. Workflow issues and folder manager concepts such as autorouting, prefetching, hanging protocols, and hierarchical storage management are driven by a properly designed database that ultimately directly impacts the clinical utility of(More)