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The regulatory anthocyanin loci, an1, an2, an4 and an11 of Petunia hybrida, and r and c1 from Zea mays, control transcription of different sets of target genes. Both an2 and c1 encode a MYB-type(More)
The Petunia hybrida genes ANTHOCYANIN1 (AN1) and AN2 encode transcription factors with a basic-helix-loop-helix (BHLH) and a MYB domain, respectively, that are required for anthocyanin synthesis and(More)
Anthocyanin biosynthesis in flowers of Petunia hybrida is controlled by the regulatory genes an1, an2 and an11. Seven classes of cDNA clones homologous to transcripts that are down-regulated in an1-,(More)