Ronald K Stoessell

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A temperature spike is reported in the haloclines of three Yucatan sinkholes along a 1 km NW-SE transect from 5 to 4 km inland from the Caribbean coast. The temperature spike decreases in magnitude from 3.5 degrees C to 0.2 degrees C, approaching the coast. The anomaly does not vary diurnally and does not extend down into the underlying sea water. These(More)
-Activity expressions are presented for a six end-member, regular solution, site-mixing model for chlorites. The end members are ideal 14-/~ chlorites for which experimental stability data are lacking. Estimates were made of the standard state 25~ and 1 bar molar 3rd law entropies, volumes, and the Maier-Kelley heat capacity coefficients. Experimental(More)
Regardless of the chemical controls for a pollutant on sediment sorption or release from an immiscible organic liquid, a simple mass balance can be used to predict the retardation of the ground water pollutant front moving downstream from a source of constant composition. The retardation is the ratio of the total molar difference of pollutant across the(More)
The authors are grateful for an opportunity to clarify issues related to the formation of metastable and unstable minerals at the surface of the earth. Chesworth (1994) misrepresents and misinterprets much of the paper by Anovitz et al. (1991), which contains straightforward conclusions that were made on the basis of experimental and thermodynamic data on(More)
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