Ronald Jensen

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We show that either of the following hypotheses imply that there is an inner model with a proper class of strong cardinals and a proper class of Woodin cardinals. 1) There is a countably closed cardinal κ ≥ ℵ 3 such that κ and (κ) fail. 2) There is a cardinal κ such that κ is weakly compact in the generic extension by Col(κ, κ +). Of special interest is 1)(More)
This report describes the development and validation of quantitative microsatellite analysis (QuMA) for rapid measurement of relative DNA sequence copy number. In QuMA, the copy number of a test locus relative to a pooled reference is assessed using quantitative, real-time PCR amplification of loci carrying simple sequence repeats. Use of simple sequence(More)
The infinity Laplace equation ∆∞u = 0 arose originally as a sort of Euler–Lagrange equation governing the absolute minimizer for the L ∞ vari-ational problem of minimizing the functional ess-sup U |Du|. The more general functional ess-sup U F (x, u, Du) leads similarly to the so-called Aronsson equation A F [u] = 0. In this paper we show that these PDE(More)
A recently developed assay for somatic cell mutations was used to study survivors of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima. This assay measures the frequency of variant erythrocytes produced by erythroid precursor cells with mutations that result in a loss of gene expression at the polymorphic glycophorin A (GPA) locus. Significant linear relations between variant(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, presenting with a wide range of histologic, clinical, and genetic features. Microarray technology has shown promise in predicting outcome in these patients. METHODS We profiled 162 breast tumors using expression microarrays to stratify tumors based on gene expression. A subset of 55 tumors with(More)
The glycophorin A (GPA) assay is a human mutation assay that is potentially useful for large epidemiological studies. The assay is rapid and requires a minimal amount of blood, which can be stored before analysis. The data presented here were collected from workers exposed to styrene in a boat manufacturing plant. This study was the first to apply the GPA(More)
We show in ZFC that if there is no proper class inner model with a Woodin cardinal, then there is an absolutely definable core model that is close to V in various ways. §1. The main theorem. If the universe V of sets does not have within it very complicated canonical inner models for large cardinal hypotheses, then it has a canonical inner model K that in(More)
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