Ronald J. Pugmire

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Combustion experiments were carried out on four different residual fuel oils in a 732-kW boiler. PM emission samples were separated aerodynamically by a cyclone into fractions that were nominally less than and greater than 2.5 microns in diameter. However, examination of several of the samples by computer-controlled scanning electron microscopy (CCSEM)(More)
The spectral editing approach of Zilm and coworkers utilizes polarization, polarization inversion, and spin depolarization methods for enhancing or suppressing NMR spectral lines in solids. The proposed pulse sequences allow nonprotonated C, CH, CH(2), and CH(3) types of carbon resonances to be separated from one another and identified accordingly. The(More)
Nitrogen-containing compounds are one important class of constituents in tobacco because of various pharmacological and biological properties. Three types of tobacco leaves (burley, bright, and oriental) were studied using solid-state (15)N NMR cross polarization with magic-angle spinning, dipolar dephasing and five pi replicated magic angle turning(More)
13C chemical shift tensor data from 2D FIREMAT spectra are reported for 4,7-di-t-butylacenaphthene and 4,7-di-t-butylacenaphthylene. In addition, calculations of the chemical shielding tensors were completed at the B3LYP/6-311G** level of theory. While the experimental tensor data on 4,7-di-t-butylacenaphthylene are in agreement with theory and with(More)
The principal values of the C chemical-shift tensor (CST) for biphenyl have been determined with the FIREMAT experiment. The internal dihedral angle between the benzene rings in biphenyl is estimated to fall between 10 and 20° on the basis of quantum mechanical calculations of the CST principal values. A composite model of motion in the system, with(More)
4,7-Dihydro-1H-tricyclopenta[def,jkl,pqr]triphenylene (sumanene) and indeno[1,2,3-cd]fluoranthene (indenofluoranthene) are structural moieties related to Buckminsterfullerene (C(60)). As such, understanding their structural characteristics is of great interest because of the insight they shed upon C(60). Hence, solid-state NMR (ssNMR) and ab initio quantum(More)
A very simple and general procedure that extracts constant-evolution-frequency data from a truncated multidimensional (2D, 3D, 4D, etc.) FID is described, generalized, analyzed, and illustrated. The method replaces Fourier transformation of the evolution dimension with a linear model created from a separate, high-quality 1D FID. The equivalent of high(More)
High-field nmr experiments have been used to determine the structures of three new saponins, zizyphoisides C, D, and E [1-3], isolated from Alphitonia zizyphoides, a medicinal plant found in the Samoan rain forest. The saponins consist of the aglycone, jujubogenin, to which are attached three sugar units and an unsaturated side-chain. The three compounds(More)