Ronald J. Portman

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OBJECTIVES A series of new guidelines has been developed by the National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative to improve the detection and management of chronic kidney disease (CKD). In most instances of CKD, the earliest manifestations of the disorder may be identified by relatively simple tests. Unfortunately, CKD is often(More)
BACKGROUND It is widely accepted that minimal change nephrotic syndrome (MCNS) is the most common cause of nephrosis in children. Recent studies have demonstrated an increasing incidence of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) in adults. METHODS To determine possible changes in the etiology of childhood nephrosis, the clinical charts of 152 pediatric(More)
OBJECTIVE The development of this review article evolved from a National Kidney Foundation consensus conference on recent advances in the importance of evaluating and treating proteinuria. From this conference, a series of recommendations for the evaluation of adults with proteinuria was published. Because specific pediatric aspects of the problem were(More)
To determine whether ambulatory blood pressure is more predictive of left ventricular hypertrophy than is casual blood pressure in hypertensive children, echocardiography and ambulatory blood pressure data from 37 untreated hypertensive children were analyzed. Left ventricular mass was calculated using the Devereux equation, left ventricular mass index was(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the current prevalence of pediatric hypertension and the relationships between gender, ethnicity, overweight, and blood pressure. METHODS School-based screening was performed in 5102 children (13.5 +/- 1.7 years) from May through November 2002. Age, gender, ethnicity, weight, and height were ascertained, and body mass index (BMI)(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal strategy for thromboprophylaxis after major joint replacement has not been established. Low-molecular-weight heparins such as enoxaparin predominantly target factor Xa but to some extent also inhibit thrombin. Apixaban, a specific factor Xa inhibitor, may provide effective thromboprophylaxis with a low risk of bleeding and improved(More)
  • J M Sorof, E K Sullivan, A Tejani, R J Portman
  • Journal of the American Society of Nephrology…
  • 1999
Hypertension after renal transplantation occurs commonly and, in adults, is associated with decreased graft survival. The North American Pediatric Renal Transplant Cooperative Study database was analyzed to determine: (1) the percent use of antihypertensive (anti-HTN) medication based on donor type, race, age, and acute rejection status; and (2) whether use(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) in a multiethnic group of children and adolescents with hypertension. DESIGN/METHODS Pooled data from 1998 to 2001 from 3 sites belonging to the International Pediatric Hypertension Association were reviewed. Patients undergoing echocardiography to detect LVH as part of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of hypertension and pre-hypertension on the basis of the 2004 National High Blood Pressure Education Program Working Group guidelines in an adolescent school-screening population. STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional assessment of blood pressure (BP) in 6790 adolescents (11-17 years) in Houston schools was conducted from 2003(More)
To better describe the phenomenon of white coat hypertension (WCH) in children, we reviewed our single-center experience using ambulatory blood pressure monitoring to determine: 1) how the choice of threshold limits for defining ambulatory hypertension affects the determination of WCH, and 2) whether the severity of casual hypertension predicts the(More)