Ronald J. Leach

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Student programs in electronic form can be tested by the instructor against his or her own test data. There are other advantages to electronic submission. We report on the use of software metrics analysis tools to determine "similarities" in student programs. Availability of these tools has virtually eliminated student copying of assignments.
In this paper we describe a tool developed as part of the assessment process used at our university. The tool allows the automatic determination of the degree to which individual students meet the learning objectives that indicate how well students meet both course objectives and program directives. We also describe a portion of our assessment process that(More)
The term ‘software crisis’ refers to the huge amount of resources needed for the development and maintenance of software. A major problem with research in these areas is the lack of solid data. In particular, there is little data that can be used to predict the types of problems that are likely to occur during the software’s maintenmce. This paper describes(More)
The ABET assessment process is highly complex and is emphasizes the use of assessment to improve programs. Since the process is complex, it has a considerable overhead. This paper will present some models for estimating the added overhead of such assessment. The models can be used to help determine if any other activities must be curtailed because of the(More)