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The in vivo effects of purified human recombinant interleukin-6 (IL-6) on murine megakaryocytopoiesis were examined. IL-6 was administered subcutaneously to Swiss Webster mice, followed by evaluation of bone marrow megakaryocyte ploidy, size and frequency, and median platelet volume 24, 48, and 72 hours after the initiation of IL-6 administration. In(More)
Epidemiological and environmental surveys in the Cappadocian region of Turkey have linked the high incidence of pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma in the occupants of some villages with the zeolite fibres released from the locally occurring volcanic tuff. In view of the low ambient fibre concentrations and the extraordinary incidence of mesothelioma a(More)
Isolinoleic acid (18:2 delta 6,9) deuterated at 10 different positions was esterified to form 1-palmitoyl-2-isolinoleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (PiLPC), and the average structural and motional properties of the diunsaturated chain, in aqueous dispersions of PiLPC, were examined by 2H NMR spectroscopy. For each sample, 2H spectra were acquired over a(More)
OBJECTIVE Following activation of T cells, phosphorylation of tyrosine residues occurs through a complex signaling process involving protein tyrosine kinases, phosphatases, and a variety of adapter molecules including Grb2. We have attempted to identify new signaling molecules that are important for the activation response. METHODS Using a protein(More)
Drosophila polytene chromosomes prepared by a new micromanipulative procedure, which avoids acid squashing, have been examined at the ultrastructural level in the electron microscope. Puffs at 2B, 68C, 74EF, 75B and 85EF, have been examined in some detail, along with the chromocentre and various interbands. The ultrastructure of these chromosomes, which(More)
The determinants of stereospecific binding of type I antiarrhythmic drugs to specific sites associated with the sodium channel were assessed using rat cardiac myocytes. The asymmetric carbon atoms of stereoisomers may be located at two sites within type I drugs. The structure of these drugs can be schematically illustrated as Aromatic-C1-link-C2-Amine,(More)
Amiodarone has multiple pharmacological effects in heart. Electrophysiological data suggest that among its other effects, amiodarone is a sodium channel blocker. Using a radioligand assay, we determined whether amiodarone interacted with a previously described receptor for type I agents associated with the cardiac sodium channel. The radioligand was(More)
Disease activity in systemic lupus erythematosus is closely associated with the appearance of immunoglobulin (Ig)G antibody to native DNA in both humans and mice. Like normal antibody responses, the anti-DNA autoantibody first appears as IgM and then switches to IgG. Structural studies of IgG anti-DNA suggest that these antibodies are the products of(More)
The in vivo effects of interleukin-3 (IL-3), interleukin-6 (IL-6), and a combination of IL-3 plus IL-6 on murine megakaryocytopoiesis and thrombopoiesis were examined. Human recombinant IL-6 was administered subcutaneously as 14 equal injections of 5,000 units each during a 102-hour period. Murine recombinant IL-3 was given as 8 injections of 80,000 units(More)
Evidence has been obtained which indicates that disulphide bond crosslinks contribute to the morphological integrity of isolated lampbrush chromosomes (both chromomeres and lateral loops) and nucleoli. It is suggested that the progressive formation of these bonds in vitro by aerial oxidation may provide the basis for the previously recognized time-dependent(More)