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PolC is the polymerase responsible for genome duplication in many Gram-positive bacteria and represents an attractive target for antibacterial development. We have determined the 2.4-A resolution crystal structure of Geobacillus kaustophilus PolC in a ternary complex with DNA and dGTP. The structure reveals nascent base pair interactions that lead to highly(More)
are relatively prime positive integers. We show that if u, Cu, or 2 (u,uz, then the set of positive integers can be partitioned uniquely into two disjoint sets such that the sum of any two distinct memhers of any one set is never in U. If U,>LQ and 21 u,uz. no such partition is possible. Further related results are proved which generalize theorems of(More)
Let q,p be distinct primes with p — ef + 1. A variant of the Kummer-Dedekind theorem is proved for Gaussian periods, which shows in particular that q is an e-th power (modp) if and only if the Gaussian period polynomial of degree e has e (not necessarily distinct) linear factors (modg). This is applied to give a simple criterion in terms of the parameters(More)