Ronald Hyams

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1. DL-8-Methyldihydrolipoate was shown to be a potent inhibitor of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and ATP-driven energy-linked reactions. 2. ADP-stimulated respiration utilizing pyruvate + malate and succinate in both ox heart and rat liver mitochondria is inhibited; oxidative phosphorylation using pyruvate + malate, succinate and ascorbate +(More)
In experiments similar to that of Fig. 1, linear plots of 1/K+ influx against the reciprocal of the external K+ concentration were fitted to the data by the method of least squares. Values of K, and VmaX. were calculated from these plots according to the usual relationships: 1/Vmax. equals 1/K+ influx when l/[K+] equals zero, and -1/K, equals l/[K+] when(More)
studies with dibutyl~hloro[~H]methyltin chloride have shown that it co-migrates with subunit 9, both in its monomeric form (mol.wt. 7000-8000) and its aggregated (hexameric) form (mol.wt. 45000). Studies with yeast mitochondria and the purified ATP synthase indicate that the ATP synthase contains approx. six binding sites for triethyltin and an equivalent(More)