Ronald Howard Cox

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Previous research has shown that static stretching has an inhibitory effect on sprinting performances up to 50 m. The purpose of this study was to see what would happen to these effects at longer distances such as those seen in competition. This study used a within-subjects design to investigate the effects of passive static stretching vs. no stretching on(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to assess participants' ability to perform tasks requiring attention, short term memory, and simple motor skill while sitting, standing or walking at an active workstation. METHODS Fifty participants completed the Stroop Color Word test (SCWT), Auditory Consonant Trigram test (ACTT), and Digital Finger Tapping test(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of active workstation implementation on speech quality in a typical work setting remains unclear. PURPOSE To assess differences between sitting, standing, and walking on energy expenditure and speech quality. METHODS Twenty-two females and 9 males read silently, read aloud, and spoke spontaneously during 3 postural conditions:(More)
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