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Nonparametric tests for the multi-sample multivariate location problem are proposed which extend the two-sample multivariate rank tests by Randles and Peters (1990) to the multi-sample setting. The asymptotic distributions of the proposed statistics under the null hypothesis and under certain contiguous alternatives are obtained for a class of elliptically(More)
and revised in the summer of 2006. Randles: Bob, what can you tell us about the years before you entered the field of statistics? Hogg: I went through the first grade in Hannibal. It was during the Depression. Dad had a chance to go with Consolidated Coal as a traveling coal salesman where he would go around to retail stores and sell coal to various(More)
for all their love and support shown at all stages of my life. I owe the greatest debt of gratitude to my husband, Song Wu, who has been at my side with his tireless love since my day one in the USA. They are great companions during the sunny and cloudy days towards my Ph.D. And I want to thank my son, David, for bring us so much joy and pride. I express my(More)
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