Ronald H. Brown

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A new framework for analyzing time series data called Time Series Data Mining (TSDM) is introduced. This framework adapts and innovates data mining concepts to analyzing time series data. In particular, it creates a set of methods that reveal hidden temporal patterns that are characteristic and predictive of time series events. Traditional time series(More)
This paper investigates algorithms for constructing velocity approximations from discrete position versus time data. The study is limited to algorithms suitable to provide velocity information in discrete-time feedback control systems such as microprocessor-based systems with a discrete position encoder. Velocity estimators based on lines per period,(More)
Current information is reviewed that provides clues to the intraspecific structure of dolphin species incidently killed in the yellowfin tuna purse-seine fishery of the eastern tropical Pacific (ETP). Current law requires that management efforts are focused on the intraspecific level, attempting to preserve local and presumably locally adapted populations.(More)
It is vital for natural gas Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) to forecast their customers’ natural gas demand accurately. A significant error on a single very cold day can cost the customers of the LDC millions of dollars. This paper looks at the financial implication of forecasting natural gas, the nature of natural gas forecasting, the factors that(More)
[1] Submicron atmospheric aerosol samples were collected during the International Consortium for Atmospheric Research on Transport and Transformation (ICARTT) 2004 campaign on four platforms: Chebogue Point (Nova Scotia, Canada), Appledore Island (Maine), the CIRPAS Twin Otter over Ohio, and the NOAA R/V Ronald H. Brown in the Gulf of Maine. Saturated(More)
This study investigated 37 diverse sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia Scop.) accessions from the EU 'HealthyHay' germplasm collection for proanthocyanidin (PA) content and composition. Accessions displayed a wide range of differences: PA contents varied from 0.57 to 2.80 g/100 g sainfoin; the mean degree of polymerisation from 12 to 84; the proportion of(More)
Studies with a diverse array of 22 purified condensed tannin (CT) samples from nine plant species demonstrated that procyanidin/prodelphinidin (PC/PD) and cis/trans-flavan-3-ol ratios can be appraised by (1)H-(13)C HSQC NMR spectroscopy. The method was developed from samples containing 44-∼100% CT, PC/PD ratios ranging from 0/100 to 99/1, and cis/trans(More)
In this paper, the dual track use of the time stepping coupled finite element-state space modeling of induction motors to generate databases for healthy and faulty motor performances, coupled to time series data mining techniques, is presented. This dual track is demonstrated here in its embryonic stage to represent a potentially very powerful motor fault(More)