Ronald G Slaby

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4 developmental levels of gender constancy were identified in 55 preschool-age children on the basis of a reproducible Guttman scale of answers to sets of questions pertaining to gender identity, gender stability over time, and gender consistency across situations. Children's developmental level of gender constancy was predictive of the amount and the(More)
Public concerns about school shootings and safety draw attention to the role bystanders can play in preventing school violence. Although school violence prevention plans are often required, there is little guidance about whether these should address the roles of bystanders and what actions bystanders should take in different circumstances, from more common(More)
Pediatric practitioners can play a pivotal preventative role in helping their young patients to lower their risk of becoming involved in peer and community violence by developing a sound program and implementing specific preventative treatments. The recommendations presented here are derived from the integration of two sources: (1) research evidence on(More)
Components of social problem solving (problem definition, generation and prioritization of solutions, and generation and evaluation of consequences) were assessed in high aggressive and low aggressive boys from grades 2-3 and 5-6. When compared with their low aggressive peers, high aggressive boys at both grade levels were more likely to (1) define social(More)
* The authors would like to thank those whose comments improved the quality of this document. Isolde Birdthistle, Edward De Vos, Ronald Slaby, Joan Vaz Serra Hoffman, Cheryl Vince-Whitman and Debbie Whitcomb from the Educational Development Center of Harvard University made valuable suggestions. Rafael Lozano of the World Health Organization and Carlos(More)
To provide a first assessment of television influences on infants in the naturalistic setting of the home, visual and vocal behaviors of 72 infants 6 months of age were recorded during 4 days of exposure to various components of broadcast television programs: sound only, picture only, sound plus picture, or a control stimulus of unpatterned sound plus(More)
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