Ronald G. Ragsdale

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The benefits of classroom computers and associated technologies seem to be an accepted truism with those who question the benefits often dismissed as intractable Luddites. Educational technology has become big business both commercially and academically for today’s increasingly high-tech classrooms. Clearly, computers mark changes—permanent changes—in the(More)
As a relatively new delivery medium, desktop video conferencing (DVC) promises to bring traditional face-to-face teaching to computer screens. Although ample literature covers incorporating technology into classrooms, little documents the experiences and perceptions of participants in DVC courses and DVC's effects on teaching and learning. A recent(More)
A wide variety of instruments preceded the introduction of this new electronic tool : chisel, quill, pen, printing press, and typewriter . Two kinds of change are associated with these changes of instruments : the writing product is affected by these tools and humans have also to adapt to the new demands created by these inventions (Ong, 1982). The word(More)
We have found that computer applications to education involve us in the broad field of communications-from computers communicating to computers through to people communicating with people. We have been led to set up enriched resource centres in schools, produce old and new kinds of multi-media materials and, of course, to develop new computer languages and(More)
Despite the great and continuing interest in methods of effective teaching of computer science concepts, especially programming, there is little hard data to back up the opinions that are so vigorously expressed. Moreover, most of those studies that have attempted to investigate programming instruction have been sufficiently flawed so as to render them of(More)
This study investigates a method of compressing the computer representation of computer assisted instruction (CAI) text files. Traditionally , each character of CAI text would be represented by at least seven binar y digits (bits). With efficient text compression techniques, the averag e number of bits per character, and hence costs, can be reduced. For(More)
Courses in computer science, data processing or other areas that involve the learning of computer programming often require the student to complete programming exercises. These exercises give the students practice in translating some process into a set of computer commands that accomplish the same process. Very often the exercises are relatively(More)
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