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A concept is presented which describes the role of simulation (more properly, real-time man-in-the-loop simulation) across the entire life cycle of a weapon system. Novel aspects of the concept include the potential for the selective use of the developer's "engineering" simulator during operational test and evaluation (OT&E) as well as the merits of a(More)
FOREWORD The FHWA's Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Research Program's overall goal is to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety and mobility. From better crosswalks, sidewalks and pedestrian technologies to growing educational and safety programs, the FHWA's Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Research Program strives to pave the way for a more walkable future. At(More)
his entropy and sense of style, showing me the importance of making software simple and writing concrete, always asking about the why behind the what and how, and his support and inspiration. Two years and some change ago I received an email that lead to what became BPFS. Thank you, Ed Nightingale and Jeremy Condit, for reaching out, for convincing me it(More)
Twenty-seven patients with Hodgkin's (n = 19) and non-Hodgkin's (n = 8) lymphomas underwent cytological and colposcopic screening of the uterine cervix. Colposcopically directed cervical punch biopsies were taken from all patients in whom a colposcopic abnormality was detected. Lymphoma patients were compared with 79 controls with normal cervical cytology(More)
The Ralph and Goldy Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies at UCLA ...established to promote the study, understanding and solution of regional policy issues, with special reference to Southern California, including problems of the environment, urban design, housing, community and neighborhood dynamics, transportation and economic development... ii(More)
The present study evaluated the ability of automated pedestrian detection capabilities to provide the means to detect the presence of pedestrians as they approach the curb prior to crossing the street, and then to use that information to 'call' the WALK signal without any action required on the part of the pedestrian. The automated detection of pedestrians(More)
The rapid growth in computational system capabilities, fueled by continuous development in the microprocessor and computer graphics industries, have resulted in a level of computer image generation capability that was largely unimaginable by those involved in defense applications of 'visual simulation' in the 1980s. While early monochrome, mainframe-based(More)
BACKGROUND Mass spectroscopy analysis suggested low serum albumin and high immunoglobulin free light chain (sFLC) levels may have diagnostic value in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Our aims were to apply quantitative assays to confirm these observations, determine their diagnostic utility, and investigate the mechanisms involved. METHODS Albumin, sFLC,(More)
Commercial Motor Vehicle (i.e., truck and bus) Enforcement at the state level represents intensive, data-driven efforts in the areas of roadside driver and vehicle inspections, the enforcement of serious Commercial Driver License (CDL) traffic violations, carrier compliance reviews, the tracking of 'New Entrants,' public education and outreach, as well as(More)