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The steady-state apparent total body clearances (TBC) of continuously infused 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) were determined in 16 adult male patients who were receiving combined 5-FU-radiation therapy. Seven patients (group A) had Stage III adenocarcinoma or epidermoid lung carcinomas; none had known metastases. Five patients had gastrointestinal carcinomas (group(More)
Daily 24-hour serum levels of ftorafur (FT), 5-FU, and a major FT metabolite, dehydroftorafur (DFT), were monitored by high-performance liquid chromatography as part of a phase I study designed to evaluate FT as a radiosensitizing 5-FU pro-drug in patients with advanced gastrointestinal cancers. At a daily iv bolus FT dose of 1.0 g/m2, 5-FU was not detected(More)
To aid in the planning of patient-oriented pharmacy services in an ambulatory care center, the demographic profile of the patients visiting the pharmacist at the Sunol Health Center (SHC) pharmacy in Los Angeles, California was studied. Analysis of the data collected over a 6-month period revealed that female patient visits were double the number of male(More)
The influence of Ca on the aging processes of bean stem (Phaseolus vulgaris) slices and on the absorption of K and Na by fresh and aged slices was investigated. In the presence of Ca, fresh tissue showed a preferential Na uptake. The preference for Na over K resulted from a differential depressive effect of Ca on absorption of these two ions. In aged tissue(More)
Ion and oxygen uptake were studied on aging bean stem slices. Oxygen uptake was high immediately after slicing, decreased to a minimum at 100 minutes, and then increased again. Ion uptake per unit of O(2) uptake data suggested that metabolic energy was utilized almost exclusively for sodium transport in fresh tissue but was diverted to potassium transport(More)
We have treated 15 patients with advanced gastrointestinal carcinoma with a cyclical regimen of combined Ftorafur (N1-((2-furanidyl-))-5-Fluorouracil, a 5-FU pro-drug) and external beam radiation. The Ftorafur (FT) was administered orally in daily doses of between 1.0 and 2.5 g/m2/day in 3 divided doses in a Phase I format. The drug was given daily for 5(More)