Ronald Fish

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OBJECTIVES This study was designed to determine if women are more likely than men to have heart failure (HF) with preserved systolic function after adjustment for potential confounders, including age. BACKGROUND Although prior evidence suggests an independent association between female gender and preserved left ventricular systolic function (LVSF) in(More)
The biological oxidation of several tributyltin derivatives, by a cytochrome P-450 dependent monooxygenase enzyme system with reduced nicotinamideadeninedinucleotidephosphate as the essential cofactor, produced carbon-hydroxylated compounds identified as alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-hydroxybutyldibutyltin derivatives. The hydroxylation pattern and the(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine prevalence and factors associated with do-not-resuscitate (DNR) and do-not-hospitalize (DNH) directives of residents admitted under the Medicare benefit to a skilled nursing facility (SNF). To explore geographic variation in use of DNR and DNH orders. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING Nursing homes in the United States.(More)
BACKGROUND Despite an epidemic of obesity among adults, the effect of excess body weight on outcome from critical illness is not well studied. OBJECTIVE To examine the association between excess body weight and outcome in mechanically ventilated patients with acute lung injury. DESIGN Secondary analysis of participants in trials of therapy for acute(More)
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