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Level set methods and dynamic implicit surfaces
This book is an introduction to level set methods and dynamic implicit surfaces. These are powerful techniques for analyzing and computing moving fronts in a variety of different settings. While itExpand
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A Non-oscillatory Eulerian Approach to Interfaces in Multimaterial Flows (the Ghost Fluid Method)
While Eulerian schemes work well for most gas flows, they have been shown to admit nonphysical oscillations near some material interfaces. In contrast, Lagrangian schemes work well at multimaterialExpand
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Visual simulation of smoke
In this paper, we propose a new approach to numerical smoke simulation for computer graphics applications. The method proposed here exploits physics unique to smoke in order to design a numericalExpand
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A hybrid particle level set method for improved interface capturing
In this paper, we propose a new numerical method for improving the mass conservation properties of the level set method when the interface is passively advected in a flow field. Our method usesExpand
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Robust treatment of collisions, contact and friction for cloth animation
We present an algorithm to efficiently and robustly process collisions, contact and friction in cloth simulation. It works with any technique for simulating the internal dynamics of the cloth, andExpand
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A Boundary Condition Capturing Method for Multiphase Incompressible Flow
In [6], the Ghost Fluid Method (GFM) was developed to capture the boundary conditions at a contact discontinuity in the inviscid compressible Euler equations. In [11], related techniques were used toExpand
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Practical animation of liquids
We present a general method for modeling and animating liquids. The system is specifically designed for computer animation and handles viscous liquids as they move in a 3D environment and interactExpand
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Animation and rendering of complex water surfaces
We present a new method for the animation and rendering of photo-realistic water effects. Our method is designed to produce visually plausible three dimensional effects, for example the pouring ofExpand
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Level set methods: an overview and some recent results
The level set method was devised by S. Osher and J. A. Sethian (1988, J. Comput. Phys.79, 12–49) as a simple and versatile method for computing and analyzing the motion of an interface Γ in two orExpand
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Simulating water and smoke with an octree data structure
We present a method for simulating water and smoke on an unrestricted octree data structure exploiting mesh refinement techniques to capture the small scale visual detail. We propose a new techniqueExpand
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