Ronald F See

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The forces responsible for the observed geometries of the YX(3) (Y = N or P; X = H, F, or Cl) molecules were studied through ab initio computations at the HF-SCF/6-31G level. The calculated molecular orbitals were grouped as contributing primarily to (a) the covalent bonds, (b) the terminal atom nonbonding electrons (for X = F or Cl), and (c) the central(More)
A new conceptual model of molecular geometry is presented, called the nonbonded interaction (NBI) model. This model is applied to the geometries of the AX3E and AX2E2 (A = N, O, P, S, As, Se, or Te; X = H, F, Cl, Br, I, CH(3), tBu, CF3, SiH3, Sn(tBu)3, or SnPh3) molecule types. For these molecules, the NBI model can be quantified on the basis of a balance(More)
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